VotD 1/18/19

What about those things that aren’t perfect? They must come from below, and I’m going to encounter them today. How will I look for what comes from God, what the good and perfect gifts are, when the less than perfect parts of life seem to be everywhere around me?

God doesn’t entrap you. God doesn’t try to make evil things happen to you. What God does, God intends for good. But we live in a “broken” world, a word that we use to remind ourselves that things are not as they should be. People shouldn’t die from cancer, people shouldn’t cut you off in traffic, children shouldn’t be abused, hurricanes shouldn’t kill and make people homeless. But all those things are consequences, somehow, of God giving the world freedom to act and choose of its own volition. They are consequences of sin that separates us from God. Our response should be to look for what comes from God in the midst of these things: who is trying to eliminate cancer? Who is working to protect people from hurricanes? Who is trying to be a better person while driving or hold abusers accountable for their actions? Those people are part of God’s kingdom when they do those things – how can you be part of God’s kingdom today?