VotD 3/12/19

Praying this requires courage. God always know our hearts and our thoughts, but to fully embrace this means one of two things: either you think you can stand up to God’s testing, or you know you can’t. Since none of us can stand up to God’s testing, inviting God consciously into our hearts means inviting God to see how far we’ve fallen. And indeed, this Psalm comes out of a kind of desparation: the Psalmist can’t escape God. No matter where you go, God is already there. So God, search me. Know me. See if there is anything bad in me. I am who I am: I love who I love, I hate who I hate. And, the Psalmist says, I’m on your side: the people I hate are the ones who hate you. So come and see, God, the Psalmist invites, come and see all that I am, and judge me to be acceptable. Because ultimately, I am who you made me.