VotD 3/5/19


The graphic on this verse is probably more challenging/inspiring to me than the verse itself! The combination of graffiti and what appears to be a microscopic/extraterrestrial/generally scientific image defies reason for me – I don’t see the connection, especially given the sciency-looking font. So what prompted this choice alongside this verse? Science and art are a spectrum in our culture: what I take from this is that from rigorous science to free-form street art, everything we do seems right in our own eyes (and, despite the translation, this verse does in fact apply to women as well as men!) but at the end of the day it’s what God thinks of things that really matters. After all, though we may modify our world, God shapes reality itself. Art of all kinds may be acceptable to God, and science of all kinds may be acceptable to God – but we can’t judge it effectively, though we may want to (or even need to). What God finds acceptable may, in fact, surprise us.