VotD 4/8/19

We’re not as familiar these days with the concepts of “king” and “kingdom” as we used to be. We assume that we, as a nation, will have some sort of say in what kind of government will be in charge. But if that isn’t the case – if government rules by fiat and the people have no control – then we should hope for a good ruler. In this context, it’s helpful, important, and exciting that God claims to be king over our lives. God as King owns the whole world – owns us. But unlike a human king or dictator, God’s judgment is perfect and God’s aim is peace, compassion, and loving-kindness.

People who want to get in good with a human king (or CEO or President, etc) have to show their loyalty, their dedication, and their usefulness. They have to be the kind of people that can be trusted and whose aims align with the king’s. If people are willing to do whatever it takes to get close to that kind of power, then shouldn’t we do whatever it takes to get close to God? After all, we belong to God and so does our whole world. It’d be good to know more about who God is if we really believe this to be true.