Why I Go to Church Even When I Don’t Feel Like It

So I’ve slowly learned that going to church can be about something other than moral requirement, fear of punishment, social connection, getting spiritually fed, or even looking for likeminded people with whom to pursue justice in the world. Going to church can be about holding this space in which to experience the grace of God together, learn together, fail and forgive and stumble forward together… http://www.relevantmagazine.com/god/church/why-i-go-church-even-when-i-dont-feel-it

What Jesus Meant When He Said, “I Didn’t Come To Bring Peace, But A Sword”

I believe in this passage Jesus is pointing to a reality that many of us are becoming familiar with: his teachings aren’t exactly popular. Following his teachings? Doing the things that Jesus did? Loving the way Jesus loved? Well, at a minimum that’s going to invite conflict into your closest relationships… http://www.patheos.com/blogs/formerlyfundie/what-jesus-meant-when-he-said-i-didnt-come-to-bring-peace-but-a-sword/

I serve a branch of Christianity that has lost about two thirds of its members over the past few decades, consists mostly of churches with less than 100 members, and is currently fracturing over issues such as gay marriage, LGBT ordination, and – of course – money. It’s often lambasted for being liberal and its members are called “the frozen chosen.” So why would I choose to stay within this denomination? Because there’s no place I’d rather be. There is no doubt in my mind that our denomination has been facing a crisis in its identity and how it relates…
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Help with the European Refugee Crisis

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) will support our European partners and members of ACT Alliance (Action by Churches Together) as they minister to the large influx of forced migrants from the Middle East (including Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq) and also from Northern and Middle Africa… http://pda.pcusa.org/situation/european-refugee-crisis/