What is Church?

This week I’m preaching on the importance of going to church. As a pastor, this is a somewhat self-serving sermon, but I think I’ve gotten up enough courage to preach the sermon that needs to be preached no matter if it’s self-serving or not. What’s more important is that it’s God-serving! Society tells us that church is no longer necessary, and for many people church is in fact damaging. Self-preservation tells us to don’t do things that are unnecessary, and to avoid doing things that are harmful. Thus, going to church falls low on many people’s lists of things to…
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Teaching Practical Theology

“Preaching, teaching, and pastoral care are complex in their own right, and courses in these areas must help students acquire the language and skills involved in these ministries.” – Richard Osmer, Practical Theology Theological education as it stands does not primarily help students acquire these skills. The Master of Divinity program in general, it seems, is and has been focused on acquiring academic knowledge instead of practical ministerial knowledge and skills. Curriculum tends to focus on knowledge of the Bible, Christian History, and theological concepts. Granted, these things are important – but how important is knowing theology if you can’t…
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Henryville and March2Recovery

Tornado recovery work has continued to be a major part of my ministry. You can read about my continued role in this article from the Courier Journal.