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Resumé and PIF

My PIF can be viewed on the CLC. My PIF number is 100020705. My resumé is also online! It is essentially an abbreviated version of my PIF with links to this page and the sermons I’ve posted. You can view my resumé at http://re.vu/alexscottbecker

Big Tent

Welcome! If you’re reading this, I probably had the pleasure of meeting you at the PC(USA) Big Tent conference in Indianapolis. Feel free to take a look at the About Me page as well as my Sermon page.

Sweaty Sheep

I will be at the Big Tent conference in Indianapolis from June 30th-July 2nd. While I’m there, I’ll be working with Ryan Althaus, founder of Team Sweaty Sheep to spread the word about his ministry. You can think of Sweaty Sheep as a New Church Development without walls, a “movement” that gets people moving and playing together in the name of God. Sweaty Sheep originated with an emphasis on providing runners doing weekend races with a chance to encounter God, but I can tell you that as a non-runner, this is not the only thing that Sweaty Sheep does by…
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